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Advanced Nanotechnologies

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Advanced Nanotechnologies (AN) is an industrial and nano-engineering company based in Barcelona, Spain. The original logo was quickly designed in house, and it was not well developed as a brand. The first challenge was the company’s lengthy name; their original logo was also long and with no variation. The second one was to create a logo that would accommodate all current and future sub-brands. I created a logo with a mark and bold lettering that adapted well to a short variation. I used the short version to create the sub-brand logos. The idea is to establish the short logo as a solution to the name length. AN’s short logo can also be used as a seal on their products (wipes, stickers, & packaging). The final brand identity incorporated two of their original colors, plus two shades of blue to add some range.

Secondary & Sub-Brand Logos


Pamela Fernandez

Madrid, Spain

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