(His)tory: Private Memories and Public History Installation Art (His)tory Thesis exhibition by Pamela Fernández, M.F.A. Through a combination of sound, object and installation art, I examined how memories are formed, evolve, and later degrade over time on an individual and broader collective level. On the individual level I explored my personal connection to my maternal […]


Pamela Fernandez VengAncha: How Mexican Filmmakers Accent the Margins of Dominant Cinema A Video Essay by Jeffrey Middents (American University) and Pamela Fernández (George Washington University) By focusing on three contemporary films made by Mexican directors and cinematographers in non-Mexican contexts, we will demonstrate how the margins – and, indeed, the marginal – become a […]


12am Videography & photography 12am 12am a photo documentary & video installation that explores what happens when most of the town is asleep? What happens at midnight when the city has a different face? when the downtown is somewhat dormant as compared to the midday bustling. At midnight most actions go unnoticed; people are aware […]