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Multimedia designer – Vitamin Angels

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Services: video editing, motion graphics, infographics, subtitling, brand & image strategy, and marketing.

Vitamin Angels (VA) is a California-based non-profit that distributes vitamin A, deworming, and prenatal vitamins around the world. As part of their program expansion, they created Nutrition in Pregnancy, a continuing medical education course that targets health professionals in the United States, Mexico, and Indonesia.

For the trailer, I worked with the marketing programs marketing associate to bring the key messaging of the course to the trailer. The motion graphics design follows the geometric style used on the learning platform. I used open-source illustrations from Humaaans after a last-minute script change scrapped the original sequence.

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For the course, I worked closely with the CME Manager to develop the image for the course following VA’s brand style for the programs team. The image strategy included course hero images, widgets, LinkedIn badges, certificates, and a mailer postcard to promote the course in the United States. With a cross-continent target audience, we needed to keep the assets simple and easy to follow.

After the course launched, the team developed three country case studies: United States, Mexico, and Indonesia. I provided the teams in Mexico and Indonesia with production support, including technical specs review from the in-country production companies and staging/framing choices. Once I received the final video, I added the intro/outro cards and designed infographics for each video. The infographics were based on the data discussed in each case study and followed the same graphic style established in the trailer and introductory module. I also subtitled the videos in Spanish or English.

Pamela Fernandez

Madrid, Spain

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