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Graphic design & animation.

Proyecto Uremu

Services: Graphic design, social media strategy, video editing, & animation.

Every year Proyecto Uremu, a non-profit dedicated to teaching music to children in Honduras, hosts an end of year concert and fundraiser to help expand their programs. Their annual concert is a showcase of the students’ progress and a time to celebrate with their partners. They approached me to design a poster, social media teasers, and videos to accompany some of the pieces they performed.
Uremu’s 2018 concert theme was movie soundtracks. The program included themes from various film composers, which I used as inspiration for the poster, and the social media teasers use sound effects or excerpts from the movies.

The design package included tickets, invitations, and participation certificates. The concert was replicated in Tegucigalpa the following year, reusing the design package.



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