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Services: Graphic design, infographics, report layout, and document re-design.

As the multimedia designer for the Learning Solutions team at Vitamin Angels, I produced visual content for web environments, eLearning, and written learning tools in addition to video production and editing. I oversaw a archive with over 300 documents in 20 languages. I designed learning and social behavioral change materials, but also had to update the documents to keep up with branding changes. I created infographics and designed reports for the team as well as for our country teams. 

In 2023, I worked with the Senior Digital Marketing Manager to develop an online library to host all the Learning Solution documents. The full resource library is live here

ENG_2023 LS Activities Summary

Visual Checklist Re-design: For this project I was asked to make the content easy to follow and modify the layout to make it 5 pages. The original document was a 6-page trifold that was difficult and expensive to print in most countries; it also was hard to handle in trainings and during distributions. Field offices also reported that learners had issues following the steps, and some sections were outdated. Some steps had multiple illustrations and data, so I added light background arrows to separate each step, alternating colors for readability. I also updated the branding as the fonts and color scheme had changed. For the “Eligibility Criteria” page, I adapted the redesign done in Uganda and modified it for the international version because the Uganda team had already tested it and learners found it helpful.

Uganda VC_Eligibility BEFORE
ENG_Intl_Visual Checklist 2021_03302022 copy copy AFTER
ENG_Intl_Visual Checklist 2021_03302022 copy copy AFTER

Deworming poster: the Learning Solutions team had developed this poster a few years before, and the branding needed to be updated. That said, there were other issues with the original. It had information for 2 audiences: clients and service providers. Although some of the information was relevant to both, the mix of information was confusing and, as a result, few field offices used the poster. The idea was to split the messages and simplify it for the client poster. The service provider poster can be used in training facilities while the client poster can be hung in healthcare facilities.

Deworming_Poster_EN_edits2021 BEFORE
ENG_Deworming_Poster_Client_02022022 AFTER

Breastfeeding brochure: I was asked to do a complete redesign an off-lined brochure as the team was re-starting the program in the US. I relied on stock photos and illustrations to make the brochure more appealing to our audience.

Breastfeeding Brochure 1 FRONT
Breastfeeding Brochure 2 BACK

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