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Proyecto Uremu needed an updated video that will present a brief overview of their work and growth over the last three years.   Directed, written, and edited by Pamela Fernández Cinematography by Denis Castillo and Proyecto Uremu Music by Ben Sound
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Advanced Nanotechnologies

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Advanced Nanotechnologies Logo design and brand strategy   Advanced Nanotechnolgies is an industrial and nano engeniering company based in Barcelona, Spain. Their original logo was quickly developed in house, but it wasn’t developed as a brand. The first design challenge was the length of the company name; the original logo was also too long and had no length or color variations. The second challenge was creating a logo that would acomodate all current and future sub-brands. I created a logo with a mark and bold letterig that adapted well to a short variation. I then used the short version to create the sub-brands’ logos. The idea is to establish the short logo as more than a variation and use the brand’s acronym more often as a solution to the name length. The short logo can be used as a seal on wipes, stickers, packaging, and other products. For the collateral designs I borrowed some elements from their current website, the website will be the last item to be updated so I wanted to keep some reference between the updated items and the website. While I proposed a few palettes, AN decided to go with the color palette that incorporated two […]
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Hollywood Suena

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Proyecto Uremu Graphic design and social media strategy   Every year Proyecto Uremu, a non-profit dedicated to teaching music to children in Honduras, hosts an end of year concert and fundraiser to help expand their programs in the year to come. Their annual concert is a showcase of the student’s progress and a time to celebrate with their partners. With each year the concert has grown, and for the last 2 years it has expanded to include international orchestra conductors, and local musicians, singers, and choirs. Uremu’s 2018 concert theme was movie soundtracks, they approched me to design a poster, social media teasers, and video mixes to accompany the pieces.   GRAPHIC IDENTITY The poster and color scheme was inspired by the film Coco. The program included 15 main themes from a variety of composers, to represent as many of the movies as possible I created a pattern with silhoutes of the main characters and recognizable icons from the movies. I used the violin with the pattern and the tittle for a the stage title card and a horizontal version for the tickets.       ANIMATIONS The social media teasers were realesed on the weekends prior to the concert releasing […]
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Proyecto Uremu

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Have you heard about Proyecto Uremu? This was the first short video created to tell the story of Proyecto Uremu in its beginnings. They wanted a video that could be used at the beginning of the fundraising concerts as well as on social media.
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