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August 29, 2015 · Photo

Casa D4B

BRUCHO Design Studio
Residential Project, 2013


“The D4B House, with a $35,000 budget, is located in the mountain side of the Merendón Mountain range in a middle-upper class residential complex in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The experience begins as soon as guests arrive when they perceive the break in the traditional architecture of the region. Standing in the foyer one immediately notices that the floor plans reversed. The social area is on the upper floor with the private areas on the first floor. Additionally, the exterior offers a deck for socializing, relaxing, and a home garden.

The view of the mountain was important to the client, so the main bedroom and living room face west with windows that create a permanent connection with the exterior. Another goal was to keep an optimal temperature without the use of air conditioning in a city with an average humidity of 90% and where summer temperatures reach upwards of 107˚F. We used larger windows to create cross circulation and a good airflow throughout the residence.”



02_20141022_Brucho Casa_0145


05_20141022_Brucho Casa_0012


09_20141022_Brucho Casa_0298


11_20141022_Brucho Casa_0328


07_20141022_Brucho Casa_394 (84)


12_20141022_Brucho Casa_394


13_20141022_Brucho Casa_394 (53)