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January 08, 2019 · Graphic Design, Video

Proyecto Uremu

Graphic design and social media strategy


Every year Proyecto Uremu, a non-profit dedicated to teaching music to children in Honduras, hosts an end of year concert and fundraiser to help expand their programs in the year to come. Their annual concert is a showcase of the student’s progress and a time to celebrate with their partners. With each year the concert has grown, and for the last 2 years it has expanded to include international orchestra conductors, and local musicians, singers, and choirs. Uremu’s 2018 concert theme was movie soundtracks, they approched me to design a poster, social media teasers, and video mixes to accompany the pieces.



The poster and color scheme was inspired by the film Coco. The program included 15 main themes from a variety of composers, to represent as many of the movies as possible I created a pattern with silhoutes of the main characters and recognizable icons from the movies. I used the violin with the pattern and the tittle for a the stage title card and a horizontal version for the tickets.





The social media teasers were realesed on the weekends prior to the concert releasing extra information in each one. I decided to use sound effects from the movies to accompany the animations instead of using the themes that would be played at the concert.


Additionally, I edited video compilations for most of the pieces, and simple thank video for all the sponsors and collaborators. I created a simple in-memoriam tribute at the end of Coco’s Recuerdame video in honor of the founder’s grandmother and to all grandmothers.