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July 27, 2015 · Fine Art, Photo Art

O Teto (The roof)

Prestes Maia Road 911 could be just another address in downtown Sao Paulo, but for the 468 families that have squatted on the 22 story building since 2002 it’s a roof, and victory of the humble and poor. In January 2007, the 1,379 dwellers and members of the Downtown Roofless Movement (Movimento Sem Teto do Centro/MSTC) were threatened with eviction. The MSTC works to reverse what they call the perverse logic of the Brazilian metropolis, the abundance of land and roofs but lack of homes, by squatting on abandoned building and negotiating (or fighting) with the government to convert them into low income housing. In April 2007, MSTC won the rights for planned inoccupation of the Prestes Maia, with a financial aid for rental and also a credit plan which could finance a new home.