Pamela Fernandez

VengAncha: How Mexican Filmmakers Accent the Margins of Dominant Cinema

A Video Essay by Jeffrey Middents (American University) and Pamela Fernández (George Washington University)

By focusing on three contemporary films made by Mexican directors and cinematographers in non-Mexican contexts, we will demonstrate how the margins – and, indeed, the marginal – become a visual location on the wide screen to place ideological accents within what otherwise seems like a dominant, Euro-centric production. One might say these films exact revenge, VENGANZA, on a wide screen, la pantalla ANCHA.

Jeffrey Middents is Associate Professor of Literature at American University, where he teaches film and 20th Century world literature, with particular emphasis on Latin America. His book, Writing National Cinema: Film Culture and Film Journals in Peru, was published in 2009. Pamela Fernández has an MFA in Photography and New Media from George Washington University.

Pamela Fernandez

Madrid, Spain

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